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Learn about your Branded Mystery Box Gift Box.

Understand clearly what you can expect from our Gift Boxes.

We have used Mystery Box branding to design this unique gift box. Each box is a fan collectible of the Mystery Box movement and represents a collectible Mystery Box that you can gift to your friends. Items inside your collectible Mystery Box Gift Box are complimentary and will be randomly assigned from our available products list. There can be any amount between 1-10 items in each box. For example, if you order 3 boxes, there can be 1 item in the first box, 9 items in the second box, and 4 items in the third box. In this case, the second box will come in a larger size to support the dimensions of all complimentary items. Other different scenarios are possible as well and we in no way guarantee any specific value of the surprise items or specific box size or exact items that will be added to your gift box in order to keep the surprise element for this special category product.

Keep in mind when purchasing a Mystery Box Gift Box you are purchasing a fan collectible Gift Box with Mystery Box-themed branding packed with complimentary items. This is not an Amazon Mystery Box and it is not intended to be. Amazon Mystery Boxes cost hundreds of dollars and often are filled with unnecessary, old items. With our Mystery Box Gift Box, you get complimentary, fun items and you can fill the gift box up with your own specific items and gift them to your friends or loved ones. Never disappoint someone by giving them an unusable Mystery Box with old items.

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In order to offer amazing complimentary surprise items, we need to have enough items in stock. Sometimes we run out of the best items and we need to wait on our supplier to re-stock. Only when enough items are stocked, we can continue the random assignment of complimentary products for each gift box. We want to make this a fair and happy experience for as many of our customers as we can, so in some cases, there is really no way around this to wait for the stock to arrive. Usually, we will complete the order within 2 weeks, but if there is no stock, we need to restock first and this in some cases can take over 30 days. Once all items are ready only then we can continue to process your order. By purchasing our special category Gift Boxes with surprise complimentary items, the customer agrees to wait until we can process the order and will not ask for a refund or start a dispute about the long processing time, which can happen in some cases. If the order has not shipped within 60 business days, the customer can ask for a refund with a discounted re-stocking fee, in this case, the customer will only pay 50% of the restocking fee. If the order has not shipped within 90 business days, the customer can receive a full refund without paying the restocking fee. The rule doesn’t apply if the gift box was shipped, but the customer failed to receive it or there was an error in the delivery process. In these cases, the customer can still request to cancel the order, but we will need to have the box returned to us first and the customer will need to pay the full restocking fee to cancel it. Contact our live chat support if you have any questions and keep in mind the processing is not fast and this is not a valid reason for a refund.

Learn how the random assignation process works.

In order for the random complimentary surprise item assignation process to work, we have designed a special algorithm called RIA Algorithm. In the function isPicked() we have a set weight of each selected item being assigned to your order of 50%. The function determineNumItems() will determine how many complimentary surprise items from 2-10 will be placed in your gift box. Products from our products list will be matched with the function isPicked() starting from the cheapest to the most expensive items until the set number of items in function determineNumItems() is assigned to your order. After the item assignment process is finished, the system will send the information about all assigned items in your order to our supplier and they will collect all assigned items into a size-adjusted Mystery Box branded Gift Box and ship your gift box with surprise items directly to your shipping address. We will provide the tracking details as soon as they are available in your Customer Dashboard and via email.

include "includes/dependencies.php";
//Mystery Box Island Store RIA algorithm v1.6

//set the weight of item being picked or not at 50 percent
function isPicked() {
 rand(0, 100) < 50;

//decide how many items there will be in each gift box. 3-10 items per box
function determineNumItems() {
    for ($i = 3; $i <= 10; $i++) {
        if (isPicked()) {
            return $i;
    return 10;

//create the Mystery Box and assign products
function createMysteryBox($products, &$notSelected) {
    $numItems = determineNumItems();
    $box = [];

    foreach ($products as $tier => $items) {
        foreach ($items as $item) {
            if (isPicked()) {
                if (count($box) < $numItems) {
                    $box[] = ['item' => $item['name'], 'tier' => $tier, 'value' => $item['value']];
            } else {
                $notSelected[] = ['item' => $item['name'], 'tier' => $tier, 'value' => $item['value']];

            if (count($box) >= $numItems) {
                break 2;

    return $box;

The system is still in beta, so please keep in mind the algorithm that we use for item assignment can change at any time without any prior notice. If you have any questions or feedback about the random assignation algorithm code, please reach out to us via

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