Hybe.com was one of the first mystery boxes online. The working principle is no different from the rest: you pay for a box with secret content and hope to win something worth more than you put it.

They’ve got all Hypebeast stuff: Louis Vuitton, Supreme, Balenciaga, Jordan, you name it. Along with that of course budget items like swimwear, socks, our favorite stickers, and key chains. Nevertheless, they boast about having all stock fully authentic and 100% tested.


After creating an account, you have to add some funds by tapping “Top-up” button. Payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Zen, and Paysafe.

As soon as you’re done with it, the unboxing can begin. Before you open a box you can embrace what is inside it. Normally, they’ve got around 70 items in each case. The probability of unboxing, price of the items, and the items themselves are displayed once you click on any box. So, at least you’ll know what you can end up with before you waste money on a particular case. Once you made up your mind and picked the box click “open” and reveal what your item is. In case that’s not what you expected they give you a chance to return it. No need to say anything about the commission for such an option. So, if your item is worth $25 you can sell it for around $12.


Since they ship globally, there can’t be certain timing for the delivery. It depends on how far you’re based. It varies from 20 to 60 according to the website. But the chances that you’re going to wait longer than 2 months are pretty high. Another thing to keep in mind is the price for shipping. They do charge you for the delivery. The cost varies from the item and location. It may be disappointing, especially for those who are not based in the USA. So unless you’re fully satisfied with your prize we do not recommend ordering it.


You can find the probability of unboxing a certain item on the website. You have a higher chance to win a decent prize if you choose a more expensive box. All in all, it’s unlikely to win something more than your value unless you open the box a couple of times.


We’re sharing some reviews below. As you may see people really get their items, even though there is a concern about losing money on useless items. As well as an exchange program.


We know how hard it is to find not sponsored but honest reviews. Even Trustpilot now can’t be entirely trusted. Obviously, some reviews were paid for, some have no useful information. That’s why we dig deep to find those that sound reasonable and real, though too harsh.

Hybe Trustpilot Review

And back to our Youtubers. What is wrong with those guys who are sponsored by Hybe? The thing is that when you insert a promo code you get a higher chance of winning. That explains how they win valuable things this fast. It doesn’t make it a scam, yet a bit misleading.

But we’ve got one who has no interest in promoting Hybe, so check this one out:


If you want to just try it out we can provide you with a bonus for a start. Just follow the link Additional promo codes you can find if you follow them on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Discord). The Hybe team offers you $10 for a good review with unpacking your item. You also can benefit from inviting friends to Hybe. It will add +$10 to your balance.


  • Wide range of authentic items
  • Has a guaranteed payout
  • Global shipping
  • Loyalty program (the more you spend the more bonuses you get)


  • The shipping may cost you a fortune if you’re not from the USA (be ready to pay ~$20 for a 10-dollar T-shirt)
  • There is a chance you’ll have to pay for changing the size
  • Low chance of unboxing an item of a higher value



To sum up, the idea behind Hybe is good: you get access to world-known brands with even little money on your account. But getting access is so different from getting the product itself. If you’re intended to win a decent prize be ready to open the box hundreds of times and eventually you may end up with what you really wanted.

And as we’ve already mentioned in a previous review this kind of shopping may be exciting only if you treat it as fun, not like a chance to win a fortune. With that in mind reconsider trying Hybe as a way to profit from unboxing.

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