Like any other Mystery boxes, HypeDrop gives you a chance to try your luck and win some items with a little or a big deposit. But the creators boast to have fixed the industry of online mystery boxes by replacing weird items with exceptionally Hypebeast stuff. As it was stated, even if you don’t get a fortune here, you’re not likely to get what is below your value.

If want to learn more about Mystery boxesWhat is Mystery Box?


The first thing is to create an account. Then you need to deposit some money into your account. Next options are available: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Paysafecard, and a few others. It’s actually up to you how much to put in there. If you don’t want to risk you may even start with $1.

Once your payment was processed you can start unboxing. Their prices vary greatly, starting from $0, 99 and soaring up to $249. Luckily, you have a chance to investigate each box for its content. Once you made up your mind you need to purchase a chosen one and reveal what your win is. If you’re not satisfied with your prize you can sell it with a commission being paid and continue opening.


Eventually, you end up with the item you like. Or with no money left. Anyways, you’re ready to get your prize for real. After requesting a withdrawal you need to wait up to 72 hours until it will be processed. Since they offer various authentic products it may take a longer time for you to receive it. In general, the delivery process takes 2-4 weeks. But there are cases when it took up to 90 days.

They do have international shipping as well.


It depends what. Whatever box you open for $0,99 or $50 you’re going to get at least something worth what you put in. So basically, you can’t lose here. I mean sticker doesn’t make you much of a winner, but you’re not ripped either. With the latest update came an opportunity to see percentage numbers in the boxes’ names. This percentage simply shows the probability of profiting in this case. Unsurprisingly, it mostly applies to more expensive boxes. But the good thing is, the odds are plain and simple.


Yes. Hypedrop has accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter where they always post feedback and unpacking reviews. Moreover, there is a page on Trustpilot with 715 reviews and 4,6 score. Mostly people blame HypeDrop as other online Mystery boxes for not winning a decent item. But no one would blame the casino if they lost $400 there.

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To make our words sound more solid we’ve searched around for some customers’ reviews. So that you’re the one to make the final decision. Let’s check what Trustpilot’s got on them –

HypeDrop Trustpilot Review

You’re well-informed that lots of YouTube videos are sponsored and obviously far from objective. Nevertheless, we came across a few which are closer to reality.

Check these guys:


You can even get a free box for just signing up. But let’s be honest: it’s quite cheeky considering that some of them are worth $0, 99. Another way to get a desirable box for free is to upload a story with good feedback. For codes, you have to constantly follow their pages on Twitter and Instagram. Not that it’s a problem but it would be more convenient to see all available options directly on the website.

Unboxing website with the best welcome bonuses: 


  • They are straightforward about the odds of winning higher value items. Each item is marked with a probability to unbox it.
  • Instead of losing the money you get a guaranteed payout, even though it could be a keychain or a sticker.
  • The service is forbidden for those who’re under 18.
  • Always stay in touch through their blog. Even respond to critics and feedbacks.


  • Very slim chances to unbox an item of a higher value than your deposit. So when you open a $2.99-box, in 99% of cases be sure to end up with $2,99-shoelaces.
  • You have to pay for shipping
  • In some cases, your item may not be in stock, and they replace it with another.


Sure thing, now there are so many other similar websites on the market. From those which are trusted:


With all that being said, it’s a good website if you want to have some fun and you’re not full of hopes. I really recommend you not to expect winning authentic products like iPhone 12 or Balenciaga shoes with a $3 deposit. There is a slight chance you will. This that in mind you won’t be disappointed ending up with a tenth supreme sticker. Another thing to keep in mind: use it as long as you don’t have a gambling addiction. All this excitement might not work to your advantage if you do.

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