Tuya Smart WiFi Door Sensor

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1. Door and window switches. Mobile App Remote Notification

2. Simple and convenient to use

3.Supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and other intelligent voice control

4. Display battery level Alarm management Alarm query

5. Query history

6.Mini portable size

Product size: 70 * 20 * 16MM

Color box size: 75 * 22 * 18MM

Weight0.36 kg
Dimensions220 × 180 × 70 cm

Set, 2pcs Set, 3pcs Set, 2pcs White, 3pcs White, White

99 reviews for Tuya Smart WiFi Door Sensor

  1. E***v

    Quickly, conveniently, works as it should.

  2. A***

    Perfect, works well.

  3. J***o

    Very cool new version

  4. J***o

    Perfect New Model

  5. R***R

    It came well and fast. It connects well to the App and works as advertised. Alert and save the opening/closing history. Recommended 100%.

  6. M***s

    Works well

  7. O***

    Order from 22.09 to Moscow was delivered 30.09. Connected via smart life. Everyone writes that without sound, I have why else the Sound + alert to the phone. Until I figured out how to disable the sound. Quality piece, thank you seller
    no remarkno remark

  8. M***s

    Great product…fast delivery!
    no remark

  9. A***g

    Excellent seller all OK and product OK

  10. M***a

    Delivered very quickly. In appearance, everything is OK. Without batteries. Until I tried in work, I'll add a review later.

  11. A***a

    I'm 4 going great.

  12. Z***v


  13. S***s

    Good product! The packaging is damaged, but the product is flawless.
    no remarkno remark

  14. K***o

    Everything is fine, but the delivery is one and a half months.

  15. J***a

    Everything perfect

  16. A***v

    Everything is fine, everything works

  17. M***d

    Works very well.

  18. M***S

    Too many days to arrive

  19. H***n


  20. D***K

    Excellent goods, very fast delivery less than 14 days

  21. R***a

    I'm very satisfied
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  22. B***r

    Works great.

  23. S***w

    Works as intended.. Fast shipping

  24. M***s

    works perfectly
    no remark

  25. T***z

    It's come, all right, it's missing to prove it.

  26. E***r

    It was just what I had ordered, just need to install it and see how it works.

  27. T***i


  28. J***j

    Reliable and aesthetic product. Unfortunately, no sound alarm in case of opening or closing.

  29. L***r

    Exactly like the site now still try it out
    no remark

  30. G***n

    Thank you, serious seller!

  31. W***f


  32. E***r


  33. R***n

    Amazing product, works perfectly! Recommend this seller
    no remark

  34. A***m

    Good working!

  35. L***K

    very good

  36. V***V

    To Moscow 16 days. Connection instant. The opening closure reacts immediately. Comes notification and beep to iPhone. I took the same type from different stores. That's great. Therefore, I recommend taking this sensor model and in this store because. Everything taken from this seller (alarm, sensors for choking and others) works perfectly and without problems. The sensor is powered by two 1,5V AAA batteries. The seller reacts to any chip buyer, well done.
    no remark

  37. L***o

    Ótimo produto

  38. N***r

    good product, good price, fast delivery, 5 stars
    no remark

  39. J***n

    Search fast shipping! Awesome!

  40. G***m

    Very favorite products
    no remark

  41. F***u

    Many thanks for the fast delivery. Within 2 weeks I got my product. Really good and appreciated seller! I sincerely recommend!
    no remark

  42. L***k

    good seller, i recommend it
    no remark

  43. H***n

    Delivery in two weeks. Door or window opening sensor. Connected via the Smart Life app. Everything works, notifications come. Sensor recommend to buy, thank you seller
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  44. L***s

    Fast, and good quality

  45. A***n

    works very good

  46. R***v

    It came quickly! Works fine!

  47. P***y

    Fast delivery to Postamat in five. Previously took a similar sensor, this one liked more. No problem connected to the Smart Life app, come notifications when opening and closing the door. In short, with its functions copes perfectly.

  48. T***n

    Is ok. Works with Alexa. The time of waiting was sooooooo long.

  49. D***n

    Works well and as described in the website. Don't try and use rechargable AAA (1.2volts). Must be 1.5volt AAA

  50. I***v

    OK! Works with smart life.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  51. J***s

    Sensor to detect the opening and closing of doors and windows. This detector carries small AAA batteries which are easy to get. Compatible with the Smart life system or yours. Compatible with the Alexa system. In my house I turn on the input light or activate a siren.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  52. J***s

    Door or window detector. Works with your mobile app or Smart life. It is also compatible with the Alexa system. For example, you can make when they open the door sound a buzzer or a voice warning that it comes in someone. You can also use it as an alarm and sound a siren. On the phone, he tells you every time the door opens and closes.
    The seller fast and recommended.
    no remarkno remark

  53. A***v

    Full review on YouTube channel: срукобзор quite fast operation 2-3sec, without problems connects to smart applications on WiFi. It is well attached with double-sided tape, going in the kit. But "AAA" batteries do not go with it, so buy 2 at once. The sensor connected to Tuya.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  54. A***e

    It works well and integrates with Alexa smoothly.

  55. T***n

    working great,. hope the battery's last. uses AAA X 2.

    wait and see. no problems connecting. 100%

  56. X***t

    All right

  57. D***z

    Works well! I can recommend.

  58. V***o

    Everything works, connected quickly, notifications come, I recommend
    no remark

  59. V***o

    Everything works, connected quickly, notifications come, I recommend
    no remark

  60. F***r

    Works perfectly well, fully satisfied with this purchase.

  61. L***t

    The product came after a good time, inside a little box that arrived very crushed, on it were the sensors, the stickers the manual (in English), A tool to configure the equipment and a card from the manufacturer. Use two AAA batteries that don't come. The product connected it to the Smart Life app, took a while, but in the end I did it.
    no remark

  62. Y***b

    Great device, well made ! There is about 2-3 second delay, but that’s normal since it’s a deep sleep state and needs initialization every time the sensor makes contact with the magnet.

  63. S***h

    Fast shipping. Installation without problems. Works fine. Beautiful).

  64. K***k

    Works. Notifications come well and quickly. Connects with the application easily.

  65. J***B

    They work well sometimes it doesn't detect the opening of the windows but they work most of the time and so much open like when I close my bracelet vibrates I'm happy with the purchase
    no remarkno remark

  66. A***v

    Is working

  67. C***s

    Works perfect!!!

  68. D***R

    Works perfectly, there were no problems with the connection, everything is simple.
    no remark

  69. A***n

    Got fast. In appearance, neat is not what other manufacturers for tyua. Ideal of course Xiaomi but this one will come down.

  70. P***a

    Good quality product. Improved model 2020. Fully recommend.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  71. M***k

    It looks like a quality product, but I haven't tested it yet.

  72. M***i


  73. H***N

    Thank you very much, dear friend.

  74. G***i


  75. J***s

    Everything OK

  76. J***T

    Works perfectly, used on the door of the freezer that has already remained open 🙂

  77. N***i

    I still can't instal item, can't conect on wifi
    no remark

  78. L***a


  79. C***n

    Order received very fast. In the absence of testing everything has been good as I put in the grade. Fantastic seller why it is such that you publish it and in the speed of shipping. Thank you

  80. G***g

    Excellent sensor, everything works. Downloaded the app Tuya smart. Notifications come to mobile Internet 4 seconds after opening the door.
    no remark

  81. F***o


  82. R***p

    Prima product

  83. S***v

    Works well. The first connection was on Hurray. When I wanted to connect to another Internet, the sensor was not determined. Helped the connection on the second method, when the sensor itself distributes WiFi. To do this, you need to hold the reset button a little longer. When the diode begins to flash slower, it means it began to distribute WiFi. The instructions describe everything correctly. You just have to do it exactly as it says.

  84. Y***y

    Meets the expectations

  85. J***a


  86. B***r

    good product.thanks.5

  87. D***v

    Fully corresponds to the description. Recommend

  88. D***i

    Quickly Sent. easy setup. Works fine.

  89. M***

    It works wonders, as described with several seconds lapse within normal.

  90. G***r

    Very fast and well the product. Bad tracking on Ali's page but well in mail americas.

  91. S***E

    Shipping fast product wholesale Okey

  92. O***S


  93. V***e

    Correspond to my order
    Setup easy
    Work Fine

  94. V***a

    Does not connect.

  95. D***d

    Great Service – Fast delivery, excellent product and clear English setup instruction. highly recommend this seller. I will do business again with this seller.

  96. R***r

    Very fast delivery. Good packing. Thank you!

  97. H***o

    Slow delivery

  98. D***K

    The goods are excellent, the delivery is very fast

  99. M***v

    Neat sensors. Packing on level. But unfortunately, it is not yet possible to download in the app.
    no remarkno remark

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