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1. Support one or two players, play games, make you more happy with your children or friends, portable 8-bit video game console, built-in 600 classic games (game list can consult customer service)

2. The lines are smooth, the design is simple and generous, plug and play, with wireless controller, the wireless control range is up to 8 meters. Compared to the short-wired wired handle, the wireless handle avoids close proximity to the TV and is more effective in protecting your eyes. Mini host with wireless controller is the best choice for foreign trade cross-border products!

3. Product weight: 0.21 kg

4. Packing size: 16.5*10*6 cm

5. Exit the game: Press and hold the START+TB button for one second to exit the game.


Shipping list:

2* wireless controller (you need to buy a dry battery yourself)

1* game console

1*AV cable

1* English manual

1* packaging box





 1. Support one or two players to play games at the same time, make you more happy with your children or friends, Y2 HD game console, built-in 568 non-repeating classic games (game list can consult customer service)

2. Smooth lines, simple and generous design, plug and play, 4K HD, with wireless controller, wireless control range up to 8 meters. Compared to the short-wired wired handle, the wireless handle avoids close proximity to the TV and is more effective in protecting your eyes. Mini host with wireless controller is the best choice for foreign trade cross-border products!

3. Exit the game: Press and hold the “SECECT button + START button” for a second.

4. Only need to connect the game console to the high-definition interface of the TV, connect the USB-powered data cable to the host, and adjust the TV source to the HD channel to display the game list screen on the TV. The controller can be remotely controlled by plugging in the battery. Play, simple and generous, easy to operate.

5. Interface: The interface of this small host is HD interface. Please confirm that your TV has HD output interface.

6. Product weight: 0.236 kg

7. Packing size: 16.5*10*6 cm



Shipping list:

2* wireless controller (need to be equipped with 7th battery)

1* HD game console

1*USB data cable

1* English manual

1* packaging box









Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions70 × 50 × 50 cm

Y2S HD version, Y2S HD PLUS, Y3 Mini with 8G card, Y3 Mini with 16G card, Y2 FIT Somatosensory Edition, Y2 SG Sega, Black, Grey

99 reviews for Handheld TV Video Game

  1. S***v

    Everything is fine
    no remark

  2. V***y

    Everything works)) with the seller did not communicate

  3. M***s

    All pratsiu, yakishnost is normal, delivery to Kieva 12 dnev, purchase of supervision is conspicuous 🙂
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  4. S***i

    good price. good quality. very fast shippmennt

  5. A***n

    Cool stuff!

  6. A***N

    The game is very cool, my son really liked it, but that his son himself dipped into childhood, the seller is sociable, quickly answers and helps to understand what's what!! 555555555 stars
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  7. K***k


  8. A***s

    Cool piece
    Works fine, games a lot, there are repetition
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  9. S***d

    Reached quickly, but many games work with artifacts, glitches
    no remarkno remark

  10. A***n

    So-So, even for me, grown up on Dandy: lay textures, it's not about heating…

  11. V***a

    The parcel came very quickly, the product is described exactly, everything works well, thank you very much, I recommend the seller

  12. A***v

    Just super, play everything

  13. K***v

    Everything is fine, the delivery is fast, there are no complaints to the joysticks, but here are the games with artifacts, squares run all over the screen.

  14. A***k

    Works great! Fast shipping to Belarus. Highly recommend.

  15. A***v


  16. U***r

    is worth every penny!!!! thank you!!! best product for the price arrived very quick from China to UK

  17. S***a

    I ordered the second "prefix", now for a gift. We play with the whole family. Sent out a car. Yes, and delivery in Russia is fast enough. Thank you very much

  18. A***n

    Everything is super just how to get out of the game?

  19. M***y

    Works. Surprisingly challenging games in Dandy were, now it's unusual to be so tense.

  20. O***O

    Super, ordered 500 Russian Games + 1400 husband happy, games and the truth as before on the consoles

  21. T***k

    Fast delivery, everything works fine.
    no remark

  22. S***n

    Good thing! Came quickly ordered from Russia! Two days drove 4-5 hours all works well! Nothing tupit! Games a lot but took mostly because of tanks! But also in the Chip and Dale we drive the counter Double Dragon!
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  23. N***d


  24. F***p

    The tavars came safe and sound. Complete as in the description. I haven't checked yet. How I will test.

  25. F***o


  26. J***o

    product as described. thank you ☺️

  27. A***k

    Everything came quickly enough, ordered from a warehouse in Russia. Delivered by courier delivery to the entrance. In general, everyone is happy.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  28. K***v

    Everything works fine

  29. M***l

    Good Goods. Recommend

  30. A***n

    Cool prefix, a lot of space does not take. Remembered childhood 🙂 games a lot, there are such that do not work, there are translated into Russian. Joysticks work well, there are no complaints.

  31. M***r

    All works. Recommend shipment quickly dotarła.

  32. A***v

    It's cool. Delivery Week to Tyumen. Delivery from Russia. All games are in Russian language, which struck

  33. C***a

    Fully in working condition

  34. O***h

    Good quality prefix. Everything works fine. came in 10 days. I took it from HDMI to the TV Samsung came up personally. The seller and I recommend it. All as in the photo and in the description

  35. K***b

    Everything works clearly
    What you need
    Baby satisfied
    Tanks something did not find
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  36. A***y

    It's okay, thank you!

  37. R***r

    Shvidka delivery.

  38. N***a

    Very quickly delivered by courier to the house. Thank you!

  39. R***r

    I came to order in general for a week, the packing is good, it is useful for transportation further, the joystick is made well. The console control is convenient, the image quality is good. Your money is definitely worth it. The only nuance, this is no built-in battery, to work, the adapter always needs to be connected microUSB-USB, you can on a direct TV slot in the UZB. In general, I am very pleased with the purchase, I recommend. Several photos to you for a check;)
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  40. Z***h

    Everything works great. Nostalgic feelings are satisfied. It's a pity not the same on Segu.

  41. T***a

    I took it for a gift, so I do not know how in the case. Shipping fast.

  42. A***n

    Take it will not regret it

  43. O***a

    Thank you very much seller

  44. K***n

    Shipping fast. There are both Mario and lots of similar games. Sometimes you can give up. Recommend.

  45. L***a

    Order arrived for 5! Days of courier delivery, although I did not ask. Very cool! Everything works, I'm missing for the world for an indefinite period :)))

  46. L***r

    the best seller in aliexpress
    thanks a lot for a great product and a great service

  47. A***n

    Norms. There are many games. Created his folder with games that I play to be all in one place

  48. P***a

    The package arrived quickly, the package is a regular postal bag, because the box itself was slightly deformed-insulting, I bought a child for a gift, I will have to somehow pack, mask. On functionality I can not yet say anything, I will test, I will finish the review

  49. O***a

    Delivery 5 days to Mordovia. box whole. Everything works. I thought that the remotes would have a delay in the response, but there is no everything instantly. Some games don't run, but not critical because of such a number of them (about 1500 or maybe more). All at the highest level, children are happy, thank you to the seller. Let's see how much will work.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  50. E***V

    A good prefix, one only but, where to take joysticks if they come out and build

  51. A***w

    Three days delivery, good packing. Games like in youth. Thank you!

  52. T***r

    very good
    no remarkno remark

  53. A***a

    good quality

  54. A***v

    Cool thing, remembered childhood, and my son liked

  55. I***r

    An honest seller. The prefix came with a faulty first remote control. I took it apart, well, as I expected, there was a pasted wire on the minus terminal. Packed and earned everything. For work asked for a refund of 150 rubles. The seller agreed. But while I downloaded the games to the flash drive (there were only 2 Tests), I ruined it. deleted the installation files. In short, the flash drive is unfit. changed the request for a separate TF card with games. But he sent me an installation file with 600 games. In general, you need to download on the computer again and install. which I will do soon. Normal, adequate seller. I sent him a photo with a wire. It is not even
    There was no sign of tin.

  56. E***a

    Everything is fine, it works. To choose games, I had to drag the flash drive

  57. K***v

    Good prefix.

  58. V***g


  59. K***v

    Delivered very quickly, right to the door the courier brought. Memories from childhood when I started playing. It's a pity that the batteries were not included, but these are trifles. ATP to the seller.

  60. D***n

    Prefix fire, remote control workers, not very comfortable, but you can play. Delivery to Mo less than 5 days. In the instruction it is written that the prefix should burn green, but it burns red, but like everything works. Not all games run, but from there so much that does not matter))))
    no remarkno remark

  61. V***k

    I came quickly, but I still did not play…

  62. W***O

    Arrived fast, easy installation, excellent communication with supplier

  63. M***a

    Very good product, I liked it very much, I already rehearsed it and it's exactly as the seller described it.

  64. A***a

    Happy with the purchase. Super fast delivery. Well packed. No problem connection.

  65. O***A

    The prefix is cool. Everything works. Coloured. Recommend

  66. O***a

    Delivery less than a week from T Mall through DPD Courier. chose delivery to the point of issue because. I did not want to wait for the courier. The prefix is super, everything works, we cut up with our son. I'm like when I was a kid.

  67. R***r

    The seller showed at a high level: the speed and service are excellent. However, I did not think that the quality of this device will be so mediocre. I studied all the options, and this one turned out to be the most worthy, but anyway, consider buying as emotions for one evening.

  68. A***n

    All norms. But for some reason it did not work immediately. XS what is the problem‍♂I did not understand. All games are high in place. The track was not tracked, for this Kol!!!! All the same, not a ruble thing…
    no remarkno remark

  69. A***s


  70. R***e

    This has been my favorite game since I was a child. I have loved how easy it is to play and no problems with cables any more. Please continue stocking this game. I might buy a few more for my sisters to remember too.

  71. A***n

    Everything works

  72. D***d

    Delivery in a week. Everything works.
    no remarkno remark

  73. Y***h

    Excellent prefix, only on the first flash drive where 1400 + games, there is no Mario, no tanks, these games are only on the Russian flash drive. I also tried to throw mine. NES games, sees, but not all, if not see, you need to download the game on another site and try to throw again. And so everything is fine, it is heated relatively not much, put the batteries Duracell, there are no delays. I recommend a version with the ability to download and throw their games. Otherwise, a lot of what you used to play, you can not find.

  74. G***v

    Already otvyk from this quality of graphics. I think I'll give it to my friend) myself and my son ordered for 64bit I will now try it))

  75. M***o

    Everything corresponds to the description.
    Delivery in Russia, quickly, Courier home.

  76. N***a

    This is something incredible!!! Desktop full, immediately did not send all the cards with games that were ordered, but after SMS to the seller, we were sent both a map and a link to the Games, in general I recommend, especially for the generation 70-80-90

  77. A***s

    Viskas veikia Kuo puikiausiai. pristatė į omniva paštomatą,rinkausi Mokama siuntimą. atsiuntė per 2 savaites Nuo pirkimo
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  78. A***U

    Everything works fine! Shipping fast. Games of childhood in T. H. In Russian. Recommend!

  79. V***v

    Great thing, remember childhood! Joysticks are thicker than original, but wireless. Minus-the joysticks begin to lose contact with the console about 3-4 meters, which is uncomfortable, you need to buy an HDMI extension to pull out the console itself because of the TV, it should help.

  80. G***s

    Puikiai viskas veikia IR greitas atsiuntimas

  81. R***z

    Very cool

  82. M***e

    Super fast shipping.

  83. V***v


  84. K***d


  85. D***i

    super fast delivery!

  86. R***v

    It came in 12 days. Ordered 1400. All the games I wanted to find. Everything is cool, it starts almost instantly. It is powered by USB TV without problems.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  87. S***v

    Everything works, there is no battery in the kit (4 AAA)

  88. A***p

    Matches order, 2 cards: on 1 card 1400 + games, on 2- 500 + games in Russian language. Many games that I saw at all for the first time, played with my husband (and we for 35 years) in the counter, Super Mario, in the toad (but there is constantly a game, breaks), billiards, tetris, black cloak, tanchiki… These are the very games that played in childhood… On the table …. The seller is very sociable. All questions answered immediately (depending on the time of day). Therefore, I highly recommend. A full set was purchased for 1700 rubles (+-20 rubles), the Mail reached my parcel in 2 weeks and was fully tracked. We need to try a dose of swing games.

  89. A***a

    Very quickly reached

  90. K***s

    Test several games for short time everything works fine.

  91. Y***A

    best service, a professional seller, I highly recommend in addition he keeps his word

  92. Y***A

    best service, a professional seller, I highly recommend

  93. Y***A

    professional seller thank you

  94. A***n

    Shipping fast. Everything works well, add nothing.
    no remark

  95. A***v

    Everything works fine, but the menu is not quite convenient. It's not clear how to get out of the game.

  96. V***v

    The order came quickly, games are not decent a lot of 85% I did not play in my childhood, I recommend.
    no remark

  97. M***o

    The prefix is in excellent condition. Games run, you can add games! To add games you need to buy a model Y2!

  98. S***s

    Everything works, to the seller Thank you

  99. R***r

    Everything is fine, order with delivery to the front. Before Peter came in a week with a little. An excellent occasion will be immersed in the nasal childhood. Now my wife and I are having a great time in bad weather.

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