Compatible with Apple, 3 In 1 Magnetic Wireless Charger 15W Fast Charging Station For Magsafe Chargers

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Note:Non-Apple branded products,Compatible with iPhone models


Non-Apple branded products,Compatible with iPhone models


The 3 in 1 Magnetic Wireless Charger, powered from only one outlet, Charger(15W) Apple Watch Charger(5W), and AirPods(5W) at the same time. just put them on; All of this will make your desk clean and tidy, help you end the mess cords life.

Put the 3 in 1 Magnetic Wireless Charger in the bedroom and use it while resting. The tidy environment makes people relax.

The 3 in 1 Magnetic Wireless Charger Compatible with Magsafe Charger I watch AirPods/Pro iPhone 12/Pro/Max/Mini Accessories Charging Station Holder Desk Dock Base Mount, which can be used at a desk while working. So convenient.


Model: Three in one

Input parameters: 9 (V)

Output parameters: 9 (V)

Type: wireless charging

Charging current: 1000 (mA)

Battery type: no battery

Indication function: with indication function

Interface: USB

Color: black, white

Package Content

1XWireless Charger 

Weight0.42 kg
Dimensions200 × 150 × 150 cm

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100 reviews for Compatible with Apple, 3 In 1 Magnetic Wireless Charger 15W Fast Charging Station For Magsafe Chargers

  1. A***v

    Delivery 10 days to Krasnodar. MagSafe keeps perfectly even in a silicone case. Excellent charging + there is a lamp. High. Recommend. And the parcel was tracked. The power supply is quite heavy
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  2. D***

    Works perfectly with iPhone 12 Pro Max, AirPods Pro and Apple Watch. Excellent finishes and design

  3. A***y

    Не пробовал другие айфоны, но XS Max магнит не держит и по ощущениям и другие тоже не будет. А так часы заряжает и площадка работает. Как светильник ночник пойдёт. В общем так себе покупка.

  4. C***i

    working fine. well packaged. thanks.

  5. A***v

    I liked it very much. Qualitatively done. Looks nice. Headphones even through the cover charges.
    no remark

  6. G***r

    Shipping is ten little less looks to be hung. Think more finish may be different charging dock well.

  7. A***m

    Looks great. Tested for few hours work good.

  8. K***r

    Anime Works and being well without over charging four yo!
    Shipping 1 week but did receive the
    The product is without regret later some products not recommended!
    no remark

  9. D***m

    very nice

  10. V***r

    Perfect! Thank you

  11. S***a

    Excellent product. The stile of it very cool and it feels solid as well

  12. M***h

    Unfortunately, the charger for the watch not so good, the watch will get extremely hot. Have the original fitted. But so is it just great.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  13. A***g

    In general, the charging station is suitable. 1. MagSafe charges. The phone is magnetic tight. 2. the watch when charging is heated like a tablet. It's good that it can be thrown out and inserted native. Apple Watch 4. native does not heat. 3. infuriates lighting-you have to manually disable.

  14. B***

    <2en> the product is very nice charging issue is very fast but the phone charger part of the magnet contact was issue seller would recommend the reliable seller found on refund
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  15. A***n

    And very nice and good quality I also arrive very fast.
    no remark

  16. A***k

    Выше ожиданий! Клааас!

  17. A***k

    Above expectations! Claas!

  18. K***n


  19. J***s

    Support 5 stars. Beautiful, practical and useful. Compatible with iPhone 12.
    no remark

  20. V***z

    beautiful. easy to install and very elegant

  21. R***a


  22. A***z

    Just published, looks elegant and carries out the charge for both the phone, apple watch and airpods very functional, took time to reach Mexico in less than a month.
    no remark

  23. A***r

    IPhone X charges slower than from the cable. The clock is like a native.

  24. K***V

    Beautiful, stylish device for the Interior) I'm happy
    no remark

  25. A***o

    Excellent charging station. Pleasantly struck the quality.

  26. O***v

    It came quickly. Like everything works, a little later I will unwrite whether it charges for the night of the device.
    no remark

  27. G***s

    Top product for nice price. IPhone 12 pro stay comfortably in zn spot sitting, and loading good at. I was first afraid that iPhone would not stay put because of other reviews, but with the iPhone 12 works this so called simply. Also the Applewatch works looking good at. The EarPods I did not therefore also not tested. Indicator light is also nice and in 2 modes to put. Delivery was also super fast!!

  28. I***i

    Work well and magnetic force strong four key recommendation:
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  29. 2***r

    I love it.
    no remark

  30. F***r

    Exactly as described, love it.

  31. F***r

    Exactly as described, love it!

  32. A***r

    Perfect. Load very well without heating
    no remarkno remark

  33. I***v

    Пришло быстро , но коробка была помята сильно. Переживал что все не работает но внутри все цело . И все работает .
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  34. T***e

    Excellent value and really fast shipping. Items like this is why I use Ali express.

  35. C***o

    It looks well-made, comes complete with all cables, beautiful!!!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  36. N***Z

    Great! Really good value for money!

  37. U***c

    It looks and work for now good. The led light is turning on when is charging. And you have to turned off. Otherwise is working great.

  38. R***d

    Top ding!
    no remark

  39. D***o

    Wonderful and I arrive in 2 weeks
    no remark

  40. D***o

    Wonderful and I arrive in 2 weeks
    no remarkno remark

  41. A***n

    Delivery fast! Like everything works!! Thank you
    no remarkno remark

  42. 2***r

    Bel prodotto!

  43. M***d

    So far so good, my current case does not charge the phone well, but when I remove the case, it charges perfect!!!

  44. A***r

    Works great but no MagSafe animation. slow charging. Works fine for overnight charging

  45. S***i

    The product is very good quality, perfectly charge the cell phone, airpods and watch, will buy the product again, I arrive faster than I expected, the cost benefit is quite encouraging, all very well with the product and supplier
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  46. A***A

    Smartwatch part this obscure the long data dock well and caustic non palisade
    no remark

  47. I***r

    Beautiful design, works great!

  48. Z***a

    It only works on iPhone 12 but is very useful!

  49. S***s

    Shipping for lightly slow as requirement

  50. A***v

    Good thing! I liked it! Also as a substitute in the evening can be used

  51. B***s

    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  52. A***l

    Works Real Super unfortunately keeps the magnet not so good on my iPhone 12 Pro Max iPhone is too heavy. Otherwise, Real to recommend
    no remarkno remark

  53. A***n

    The thing is good, you can take it.

  54. K***r

    So good yoga's vision is the best

  55. A***r


  56. A***r

    Cool! Everything works. Devices are charging. Magnets are strong. Packed qualitatively in air film.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  57. 종***서

    Once an order to buy shipping suitable is adopted won't snag. Business days after shipping up to just 1 week took the. ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ box state is only the window but in no no more than buy blankets all member felines for writing is living as long down 삿 used phone, smartwatch, air iPod month charge well. Fast Charge support and MagSafe mark well leave:. Courtesy Light function also got good cooking to worry for shoes heat is almost no. ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ just for living you owe Belkin Brown no reason for dish etc. ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

  58. M***n


  59. O***e

    Excellent quality! Super design! I liked everything, very satisfied! Recommend!
    no remark

  60. S***e

    Very happy with the product. Thank you.

  61. A***v

    I ordered many similar charges on Ali and while this is the best. Pluses-the possibility of connecting the original charging from the clock (in the kit there is a charge, but it I did not use it), 2 non-contact charging for the phone (cut off backlight (turn off touch button), design. I have not yet found any minuses. Recommend!

  62. A***s

    The product is amazing, I arrive in a month in perfect condition, I already tried it for a few days and if it holds my cell phone (iPhone 12 pro max) and does not fall,
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  63. P***i

    Working great, watch charger supplied and just enough length to plug it in to the USB port, phone charging very fast with animation and very stable

  64. A***o

    It works well. Design and quality of materials look very nice and expensive. Black color is awesome to use at the office and in bedroom. Have not tested with iPhone 8 and iPhone 12 pro yet, still waiting for them. Delivery is not fast, it took almost 4 weeks (20.03 – 14.04)
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  65. M***i

    الشاحن رائع ، الخامة ممتازه ، يوجد خيار لرفع الاضاءة وخفضها (درجتين فقط) العيب الوحيد سرعة الشحن فقط (5w) شكرا للبائع سرعة الشحن ،،، يستحق الشراء والمغناطيس للايفون ١٢ قوي وممتاز

  66. S***r

    Shipping genuine American first sound dog washable Rayo satisfied Oh only high speed charger must be going to do dont think general charger adapter the sun is a lot slower in bad not okay okay high speed adapter to do for satisfying Rea anime well hot koyo

  67. B***z

    Its as advertised. Easy to set up and use. Night light is a very nice touch. I did not use the apple watch cable, I have used mine own cable because the cable that comes with the box charges slow. I have to mention one thing though: magnet for the phone is very strong. If you are using a magsafe case with magnets, its very hard to take the phone off with one hand and it feels like charger holder part will break. I used regular clear case without magnets and it holds very well.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  68. K***k

    Good very quick delivery is well
    Thank you
    no remark

  69. V***v

    Very cool thing. IPhone 12, 6 votchi and airpos Pro charges without problems)

  70. A***r

    The Body Shop in ultimate shipping accept the perfect days jams

  71. A***z


  72. C***a

    All very good
    no remark

  73. Ž***k

    good product

  74. A***a

    Works perfectly, strong magnets and looks neat definitely recommend

  75. F***a

    Like, could have a better finish but solves very well, who has the trio

  76. M***i

    Parfait !

  77. A***y

    Cool product. I am very satisfied

  78. K***r

    Love this charger! So convenient and great price point!
    no remark

  79. J***d

    Fast delivery

  80. D***m

    가격대비 완전 좋음 배송도 빠름

  81. M***v

    Worthy goods. IPhone 12 Pro, with the original macsafe case keeps perfectly. Charging works. Charging Apple Watch works too. In general, I hope that the element of decorative chrome will soon become an element of metal, with a real Chrome. But I'm sure it will affect the price. Includes spare bolts, plugs and even a screwdriver. It is a pity that charging for the watch and white wire. The goods density met my expectations and 100% is worth their money. Thank you and good luck! Ordered in Moscow!
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  82. S***a

    Very good even if I find that the cable for the charging of the watch is really tiny it is the only downside 🙂

  83. K***m

    빠르고 좋습니다

  84. U***v

    It was satisfied me very good condition of the parcel. The goods itself was highly recommended produced

  85. S***d

    Jump in to be fully and Qualcomm! Honestly at only one old than business wallet

  86. E***e

    Charging well.
    no remark

  87. K***r


  88. D***d

    With charging faster, is not know well targeted but shipping fast and one charging dock for being so good as gift, bought the product none four yards shoulder to
    no remark

  89. M***s

    Fast delivery, very good quality

  90. 현***김


  91. L***n

    no remark

  92. Y***E

    MagSafe magnetic really strong! Charging well being. Bone for the aluminum material lined did know the full plastic cage but so is also OK! Strongly recommended!
    no remark

  93. R***v

    Good piece

  94. J***k

    Shipping is been eight days. Also what the current price is hard to finish and women available. Admiration for Europe.
    no remark

  95. C***a

    Very happy! Excellent quality, works 100% the charge is fast for all 3 devices simultaneously.. Also very nice and elegant for your sailboat or anywhere in your house.
    no remark

  96. T***m


  97. S***n

    The product corresponds to the description but the magsafe love is not powerful enough to hold the iPhone. This one falls…

  98. H***i

    Very good charger with strong magnet

  99. J***o

    Good product well-received.

  100. A***i

    Excellent speed and quality I recommend it

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