If you’re looking for a unique and exciting way to light up your life, look no further than Cash Candles!

Makes the perfect gift for a huge surprise.

$2-$2000 in each candle.

Not only do they provide a warm and inviting atmosphere with their beautiful scents, but they also offer the chance to discover a piece of aluminum with cash inside, ranging from $2 to a whopping $2,000



You’ll discover that there’s more inside the candle as the wax burns down. Eventually, you’ll see folded tin foil. You would have to carefully remove the packet when the wax is liquefied. Blow out the flame, and then use tweezers or some other long tool for retrieval. When it’s cool enough to touch, carefully unfold the aluminium foil to discover your cash amount.



100% premium natural soy wax candle with cotton wick. 21 oz. candle with a typical burn time of 80-100 hours. Made with high-grade custom fragrances & essential oils. Non-toxic and contain no lead, plastics or synthetic dyes.





Cash Candles come in a tall glass jar that holds 21oz of natural soy wax hand-poured over cotton wicks to help the candle burn evenly. Proudly hand poured.



As the candle burns down, you’ll discover the piece of aluminium that holds your cash prize. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself to something special or just want to add a touch of excitement to your daily routine, Cash Candles are the perfect way to do it.



What Are The Odds?

Every candle is a winner and there’s cash in every candle every single time. There is at least one $2 bill in every jar, and you might find additional cash in your candle, up to 10x $100 bills.

It’s also possible to receive a candle with up to $2,000 via a redeemable prize code.


Wax Removal Guide.

It’s all fun and games until the end of the night when your beautiful candle spills all over your favorite coffee table or rug. All our candles are made with a proprietary blend of natural soy wax. Although this soft and creamy wax type is known for its long and clean burning time, you’ll remove it the same way you would its toxic counter-part, paraffin Luckily, there are just a few simple steps to quickly get rid of your candle wax stains and make your surfaces and fabrics look as good as new. Say goodbye to your wax stains, no matter what surface you have to clean!


Polyester & Linen:

The cold ice cube and hot iron method is the perfect way to remove wax from materials like polyester and linen.



Cotton, in general, is less durable and water-resistant than polyester which means you have to be more thoughtful when treating a wax stain in this type of fabric. In fact, cotton is most vulnerable to stains, so be careful when you are treating any cotton fabric. (Caution: avoid using high heat on this fabric, it’ll reduce its overall strength).



Have you ever spilled candle wax on your favorite pair of jeans? It may sound silly, but it’s more common than you think! Here are a few quick steps to save your jeans.



Attention: for darker carpets, use a darker cloth. For lighter carpets, use a white cloth to avoid staining the carpet with cloth dye.



With a nice counter or table top like marble, it is important to remove the stain as soon as you notice it so that it doesn’t seep into the surface damaging the glossy look.


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