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What is processing time?

To give all our customers a fair chance to find awesome products, we can only process orders when we have all products in stock. Every few weeks we run out of products and we need to wait until we fill all items back in our stock. Only then we can continue to assign boxes with random products keeping the chance to find amazing products in each order. If your order has been Processing for a couple of weeks already, please do not worry. We will e-mail you the tracking information once we have finished processing your order and shipped it out. 

How long will the shipping take after my order is processed?

Please allow 14-25 days for the package to reach you after it’s been shipped out if you choose the FREE shipping option. It is free, but it is not fast and sometimes can take a long time.
If you choose the PREMIUM delivery option, you will receive your package in 4-10 days after it’s been shipped out.

Do you need anything else?

If you have any questions at all please email us at info@getmysterybox.org or contact our live chat support team.